20 Spices, herbs, teas and drugs
Appearance and structure, cross-section surface, consistency, smell, taste, foreign /visible/ impuritiesCOMECON ST 4710
Active acidity (рН)QOP 504-1-FH-26
Titrable (free acidity) QOP 504-1-FH-12
Water content/dry matterBDS ISO 939; BDS ISO 1573
Fat content (crude fat) - extractiveBDS 466 item4.2.3
Protein content (protein, nitrogen, soluble nitrogen)BDS ISO 1871
Sugars content (sucrose, reducing sugars/invert sugar)BDS 7169
Carbohydrates contentQOP 504-1-FH-41
Starch content Regulation 900/2008 Annex I
Crude cellulose content (fibers)BDS ISO 5498; BDS ISO 6541
Ash content totalBDS ISO 928; BDS ISO 1575
Ash content acid-solubleBDS ISO 930; BDS ISO 1577
Ash content water-soluble and water-unsolubleBDS ISO 929; BDS ISO 1576
Table salt content /sodium chlorideQOP 504-1-FH-03
Energy valueчл. 10 от Наредба №23/2009
Content of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)QOP 504-1-FH-45
Starch content – quality responseQOP 504-1-FH-28
Benzoic acid content BDS 1554 item III.15
Potassium sorbate contentBDS 11712 item2
Sulfur dioxide content (total and free)BDS 11709 item1.2;item2
Soy protein contentQOP 504-1-FH-32
Aluminum contentQOP 504-1-FH-07
Arsenic contentBDS EN 15763; QOP 504-1-FH-19
Iron impurities content BDS 11707
Mercury contentBDS EN 15763
Iodine contentBDS EN 15111
Cadmium contentQOP 504-1-FH-17; BDS EN 15763
Tin contentQOP 504-1-FH- 57
Calcium contentQOP 504-1-FH-21
Magnesium contentQOP 504-1-FH-52
Manganese contentQOP 504-1-FH-04
Copper contentQOP 504-1-FH-18
Sodium contentQOP 504-1 ICP/MS-02
Nickel contentQOP 504-1-FH-24
Nitrates contentQOP 504-1-FH-08
Nitrites contentQOP 504-1-FH-05
Lead contentQOP 504-1-FH-16; BDS EN 15763
Sulphates contentQOP 504-1-FH-09
Phosphates (phosphorus) contentQOP 504-1-FH-06
Chromium content QOP 504-1-FH-25
Cyanides content QOP 504-1-FH-53
Zinc contentQOP 504-1-FH-23
Aflatoxin В1 contentQOP 504-1-FH-20
Aflatoxines В1+В2+G1+G2 (total)QOP 504-1-FH-34
Deoxynivalenol /DON/ contentQOP 504-1-FH-35
Zearalenone contentQOP 504-1-FH-36
Ochratoxin contentQOP 504-1-FH-38
Т2 toxin contentQOP 504-1-FH-39
Fumonisin contentQOP 504-1-FH-37
Content of foreign impuritiesBDS ISO 1208
Content of volatile oilsBDS EN ISO 6571
ASTA colorBDS 466 item4.2.1
Non-volatile ether extract content BDS ISO 1108
Aqueous extract content in cold waterBDS ISO 941
Aqueous extract content in boiling waterBDS ISO 9768
Potassium contentQOP 504-1 ICP/MS-01
Content of pesticide: Chlororganic Phosphororganic Nitrogen and sulfur-containing BDS EN ISO 15662
Sweeteners content:
- acesulfame К BDS EN 12856; BDS EN 15911
- saccharineBDS EN 12856; BDS EN 15911
- aspartameBDS EN 12856; BDS EN 15911
- cyclamateBDS EN 12857; BDS EN 15911
Colorings content:
- Sunset YellowQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- tartrazineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- erythrosineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- azorubineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- allura redQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- ponceauQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- amaranthQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- indigotineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- Brillian BlueQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- Patent BlueQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
Vitamin content:
- А (retinol)BDS EN 12823-1;2
- А (beta-carotine)BDS EN 12823-1;2
- В1 (thiamine)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- В3 (niacin)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- В6 (pyridoxine)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- В7 (biotin/vitamin Н)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- С (ascorbic acid)BDS EN 14130
- D (D2 ergocalciferol)BDS EN 12821
- D (D3 colecalciferol)BDS EN 12821
- Е (tocopherols)BDS EN 12822
- К (phytomenadione)BDS EN 14148
Content of saturated fatty acidsBDS EN ISO 12966-2+BDS EN ISO 5508
Content of unsaturated fatty acidsBDS EN ISO 12966-2+BDS EN ISO 5508
Total number of microorganisms, including mesophilic aerobes and facultative anaerobesBDS ЕN ISO 4833-1 BDS ЕN ISO 4833-2
Bacillus Cereus BDS EN ISO 21871 item9.1; item9.2; BDS EN ISO 7932
Vibrios (other than Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio cholerae)ISO/TS 21872-2
Vibrio parahaemolyticus; Vibrio choleraeISO/TS 21872-1
Water activityISO 21807
YeastBDS ISO 21527-1;-2
Escherichia coliISO 16649-2; ISO 7251 item9.1; item9.2
Escherichia coli O157BDS EN ISO 16654
Enterobacteria, including Proteus, Klebsiella, Citrobacter ISO 21528-1 item9.2; item9.3; ISO 21528-2
Yersinia enterocoliticaBDS EN ISO 10273
Campylobacter spp. ISO 10272-1; BDS ISO/TS 10272-2
Clostridia Sulfite-reducingISO 15213
Coagulase-positive staphylococciBDS EN ISO 6888-1+A1; -2+A1; -3+AC item9.1; -3+AC item9.2
ColiformsISO 4831item9.1; item9.2
LeuconostocCOMECON ST 5806
Listeria monocytogenesBDS EN ISO 11290-1+А1; -2+А1
Mesophilic lactic bacteriaBDS ISO 15214
Acetobacter microorganismsBDS 15143 item5.1
MouldsBDS ISO 21527-1;-2
Pseudomonas aeruginosaBDS EN ISO 13720
Psychrotrophic microorganismsBDS ISO 17410
Salmonella speciesBDS ЕN ISO 6579; SD СЕN ISO/ TS 6579-2
Halophilic (salt-tolerant) microorganisms BDS 3434 item10.4
Shigella speciesBDS EN ISO 21567
Determination of presence of genetically modified organisms – 35SBDS EN ISO 21569 +A1; BDS EN ISO 21571 +A1
Determination of presence of genetically modified organisms – FMVBDS EN ISO 21569 +A1; BDS EN ISO 21571 +A1
Determination of presence of genetically modified organisms – NOS terminatorBDS EN ISO 21569 +A1; BDS EN ISO 21571 +A1