21 Additives, enzyme preparations, starter cultures 
Appearance, color, taste, smell, structure, appearance, consistencyBDS 8142, item1.3, таб.1, item3.1; BDS 483, item2.3.1, таб.1, item4.1, item4.2; BDS 2306, item4.1; BDS 5757, item4.1 и item 4.2; BDS 2608, item4.2; BDS 10945, item 3.2.1
Active acidity (рН) QOP 504-1-FH-26
Titrable (free acidity)BDS 8142 item3.2; BDS 483 item4.5; QOP 504-1-FH-12
Water content/dry matterBDS EN ISO 712; BDS 16752; BDS 483 item4.3
Fat content (crude fat) - extractiveQOP 504-1-FH-42
Protein content (protein, nitrogen)BDS ISO 1871
Sugars content (sucrose, lactose, reducing sugars/invert sugar)BDS 7169
Carbohydrates contentQOP 504-1-FH-41
Starch content Regulation 900/2008 Annex I
Crude cellulose content (fibers)BDS ISO 5498; BDS ISO 6541
Ash contentBDS EN ISO 2171; BDS 8142 item3.3
Table salt content /sodium chloride QOP 504-1-FH-03
Energy valueчл. 10 от Наредба №23/2009
Content of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)QOP 504-1-FH-45
Sodium hydroxide residues contentQOP 504-1-FH-15
Chlorine residues contentQOP 504-1-FH-27
Testing for presence of epihydrin aldehyde through Kreis reaction (Fat rancidity)QOP 504-1-FH-30
Starch content – quality responseQOP 504-1-FH-28
Determination of peroxide value BDS EN ISO 3960
Benzoic acid content BDS 1554 item III.15
Potassium sorbate contentBDS 11712 item2
Sulfur dioxide content BDS 11709 item1.2;item2
Soy protein contentQOP 504-1-FH-32
Aluminum contentQOP 504-1-FH-07
Antimony contentQOP 504-1 ICP/MS-04
Arsenic contentQOP 504-1-FH-19; BDS EN 15763
Barium ions presenceBDS 8142 item3.8
Boron contentBDS EN ISO 17294-2
Iron content QOP 504-1-FH-02
Mercury contentBDS EN 15763
Iodine contentQOP 504-1-FH-46
Cadmium contentQOP 504-1-FH-17; BDS EN 15763
Tin contentBDS EN 15765
Calcium contentQOP 504-1-FH-21
Magnesium contentQOP 504-1-FH-52
Manganese contentQOP 504-1-FH-04
Copper contentQOP 504-1-FH-18
Sodium contentQOP 504-1 ICP/MS-02
Nickel contentQOP 504-1-FH-24
Nitrates contentQOP 504-1-FH-08
Nitrites contentQOP 504-1-FH-05
Lead contentQOP 504-1-FH-16; BDS EN 15763
Selenium contentBDS EN ISO 17294-2
Sulphates contentQOP 504-1-FH-09
Phosphates (phosphorus) contentQOP 504-1-FH-06
Chromium content QOP 504-1-FH-25
Cyanides contentQOP 504-1-FH-53
Ferrocyanides content in citric acid(BDS 8142 item3.9
Zinc contentQOP 504-1-FH-23
Aflatoxin В1 contentQOP 504-1-FH-20
Aflatoxines В1+В2+G1+G2 (total)QOP 504-1-FH-34
Aflatoxin M1 contentQOP 504-1-FH-31
Deoxynivalenol /DON/ contentQOP 504-1-FH-35
Zearalenone contentQOP 504-1-FH-36
Ochratoxin contentQOP 504-1-FH-38
Т2 toxin contentQOP 504-1-FH-39
Fumonisin contentQOP 504-1-FH-37
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) contentBDS ISO 2448
Connective tissue protein (hydroxyproline) contentBDS 14780
Gluten contentBDS EN ISO 21415-3
Saccharine contentBDS 3485 item3.7
Caffeine contentBDS 3485 item3.14
Free sulphuric acid content BDS 8142 item3.4.1
Oxalates content BDS 8142 item3.7
Buoyant force of bread yeastBDS 483 item4.4
Urease activityBDS ISO 5506
Potassium contentQOP 504-1 ICP/MS-01
Content of pesticide: Chlororganic Phosphororganic Nitrogen and sulfur-containing BDS EN ISO 15662
Sweeteners content:
- acesulfame К BDS EN 12856; BDS EN 15911
- saccharineBDS EN 12856; BDS EN 15911
- aspartameBDS EN 12856; BDS EN 15911
- cyclamateBDS EN 12857; BDS EN 15911
Colorings content:
- Sunset YellowQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- tartrazineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- erythrosineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- azorubineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- allura redQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- ponceauQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- amaranthQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- indigotineQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- Brillian BlueQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
- Patent BlueQOP 504-1-IM-HPLC-01
Vitamin content:
- А (retinol)BDS EN 12823-1;2
- А (beta-carotine)BDS EN 12823-1;2
- В1 (thiamine)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- В3 (niacin)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- В6 (pyridoxine)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- В7 (biotin/vitamin Н)QOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-02
- С (ascorbic acid)BDS EN 14130
- D2 ergocalciferol BDS EN 12821
- D3 colecalciferolBDS EN 12821
- Е (tocopherols)BDS EN 12822
- К (phytomenadione)BDS EN 14148
Content of saturated fatty acidsBDS EN ISO 12966-2+BDS EN ISO 5508
Content of unsaturated fatty acidsBDS EN ISO 12966-2+BDS EN ISO 5508
Pharmacological substances residues content:
Antibiotics (Quinolines) – flumequinQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfaguanidinQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfadiazineQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfamerazinQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfamethoxazoleQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfapyridineQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfatiazolQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Sulfonamides) - sulfacetamideQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Tetracyclines) – oxytetracycline хидрохлоридQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Tetracyclines) – tetracycline hydrochlorideQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Antibiotics (Tetracyclines) – chlortetracycline hydrochlorideQOP 504-1-IM-LC/MS-01
Total number of microorganisms, including mesophilic aerobes and facultative anaerobesBDS ЕN ISO 4833-1 BDS ЕN ISO 4833-2
Antibiotics and SulfonamidesBDS 1323 item4.3.1
Bacillus Cereus BDS EN ISO 21871 item9.; item9.2; BDS EN ISO 7932
Bifidobacterium speciesISO 29981
Brochothrix thermosphactaBDS ISO 13722
Vibrios (other than Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio cholerae)ISO/TS 21872-2
Water activityISO 21807
YeastBDS ISO 21527-1; -2
Yeast (including dead)BDS 483 item4.7
Yeast (including wild)BDS 483 item4.8
Escherichia coliISO 16649-2; ISO 7251 item9.1; item9.2
Escherichia coli O157BDS EN ISO 16654
Enterobacteria, including Proteus, Klebsiella, Citrobacter ISO 21528-1 item9.2; item9.3; ISO 21528-2
Enterococus speciesBDS EN 15788
Yersinia enterocoliticaBDS EN ISO 10273
Campylobacter spp. ISO 10272-1; BDS ISO/TS 10272-2
Clostridia Sulfite-reducing ISO 15213
Coagulase-positive staphylococciBDS EN ISO 6888-1+A1; -2+A1; -3+AC item9.1; item9.2
ColiformsISO 4831item9.1; item9.2; ISO 4832
Lactobacillus speciesBDS ISO 7889
Lactobacillus acidophilusISO 20128
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. BulgaricusBDS ISO 9232
LeuconostocCOMECON ST 5806
Lipolytic microorganismsBDS 12334 item7
Listeria monocytogenesBDS EN ISO 11290-1+А1; -2+А1
Mesophilic lactic bacteria BDS ISO 15214
Acetobacter microorganismsBDS 15143 item5.1
Pediococcus speciesBDS EN 15786
MouldsBDS ISO 21527-1; -2
Probiotics (saccharomyces cerevisiae)BDS EN 15789
Proteolytic microorganisms BDS 3434 item10.3
Pseudomonas aeruginosaBDS EN ISO 13720
Psychrotrophic microorganismsBDS ISO 17410
Salmonella speciesBDS ЕN ISO 6579; SD СЕN ISO/TS 6579-2
Streptococcus thermophilusBDS ISO 9232
Halophilic (salt-tolerant) microorganisms BDS 3434 item10.4
Shigella speciesBDS EN ISO 21567
Contaminating microorganisms ISO 13559
Genetically modified organisms
Determination of presence of genetically modified organisms – 35SBDS EN ISO 21569 +A1; BDS EN ISO 21571 +A1
Determination of presence of genetically modified organisms – FMVBDS EN ISO 21569 +A1; BDS EN ISO 21571 +A1
Determination of presence of genetically modified organisms – NOS terminatorBDS EN ISO 21569 +A1; BDS EN ISO 21571 +A1